SPC Crest

The St. Peter's College crest is a graphic representation of the values of St. Peter's College and a tribute to the history of the College, its Benedictine tradition, and its importance in the community and province.

The symbols incorporated into the crest bring together these ideas and represent the ongoing pursuit of excellence in education.


The book has many meanings.  It represents the Judeo Christian tradition as written in the Old and New Testaments.  Christians and Jews are often referred to as the "people of the book," thus the book represents the Bible.  It can also be understood as the wisdom of our elders, be they the elders of our faith, of the Benedictines (the Rule of St. Benedict) or as a representation of knowledge and education stemming from our educational mentors, the Benedictine monks.

Wheat Stems

Like the book, the wheat stems hold many meanings.  Benedictine monks have always had a strong connection to the earth and to an agrarian lifestyle.  Likewise, the College and monastery are located in and developed out of an agrarian community and province.  The wheat stems represent the labour of our hands and the connection the College has to the agricultural life of the community and the history of the province.  The also represent the bread of life-the Eucharist.


The key is a graphic representation of the path to success through knowledge and education.  It is appropriately located in the middle of the crest as it is one of the most important symbols in the crest.  It links together success through education and St. Peter, who was traditionally known as the keeper of heaven's gate and is traditionally shown holding keys.

Benedictine Cross

The two crosses represent the two states of life, the lay and the religious, both important to the community of Christians and both important vocations.  The Benedictine connection is important because of the historical relationship between Benedictine monks and education through the Benedictine tradition of mentorship.

Single and Double Circle

The single circle around the key, book and wheat stems and the double circle encompassing the entire image represent the community.