We are grateful for every gift, no matter the size. And to say thank you, we take steps to make sure you receive fair and appropriate recognition for your support.

Coordinated by the Development Office, our recognition program helps the College care for you and the gifts you provide.  Our guidelines ensure donors are acknowledged fairly and appropriately.  To meet your donation objectives, while suiting your personal wishes, we'd be happy to discuss our recognition and naming opportunities with you.

Our Founding Families

The Founding Family Initiative is an ongoing fundraising program that supports renovations to the College's main building - Michael Hall.

More than 100 years ago, many families came to Canada to help establish St. Peter's Colony. Because of their determination, St. Peter's College was established as a leading provider of education. Today, descendants of those families continue to support St. Peter's in very generous ways to ensure that we continue to provide quality university education and services to the region.

We are honoured to acknowledge these families and their financial contributions with specially designed and symbolic stained glass windows that commemorate their lives - past, present and future. 

Fundraising Ethics

St. Peter's College adheres to the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code as set out by the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy and respects the Donor Bill of Rights.

Donor Privacy

St. Peter's College recognizes and respects the importance of privacy. Information is collected under the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.

If you have any questions about the collection or use of donation information, please contact St. Peter's College Administrative Offices at 306.682.7888.

Knights of Columbus Dream Home Lottery

St. Peter's College is privileged to receive funding from the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Dream Home Lottery.

We appreciate everyone who purchases K of C Dream Home Lottery tickets. Each ticket you buy helps provide a quality education to the students of Saskatchewan.

To ensure your support is directed to St. Peter's College, please indicate Council #7888 on your ticket.

For more information, please visit http://www.kofcdreamlottery.com/ or contact us.