Quiet - Clint Hunker by St. Peter's



Clint Hunker has been a painting instructor at the College for many years and teaches three of our art courses.

Clint specializes in landscapes; his choice of medium is oil paint. He often paints en plein air, with his easel and his paintbrush set up on location to capture the landscape. Hunker is able to strike a fine balance between real and abstract. 

Clint's contribution to the art display Quiet is available at the Humboldt Art Gallery until February 19th. 

For more information about Quiet, click here 

St. Peter’s College offers evening and weekend art classes that university students or members of the public are welcome to enrol in. The next opening for our introductory and senior painting & drawing courses is the Fall 2021 term, with an application deadline of August 15th.