Newly Surfaced Racquetball Court

Fitness Centre Renovations

The St. Peter's College Fitness Centre received a spring cleaning and renovations to prepare for the upcoming student body.

In summer 2020, the St. Peter's College sports complex, which hosts the fitness center, gymnasium, lobby, and ice rink received much-needed renovations on the roof, which extended the lifespan of the building by 30+ years and addressed wear that came with age and some modest spring water damage within the facilities. The water damage, however, also occurred within the fitness center's racquetball and squash court, rendering it damaged and requiring temporary closure. Unfortunately, this meant that students & staff who were able to use the fitness facilities when restrictions allowed were unable to access the racquetball court. 

The COVID-19 pandemic created complexities in the supply chain and made it difficult to acquire the special flooring material that racquetball courts are designed with. As the world and supply chain adjusted and recovered from the effects of the pandemic, the materials needed to complete the repairs were able to be acquired and installed.

A section of the St. Peter's Fitness Centre
A section of the St. Peter's Fitness Facilities

Construction crews from Miners Construction were hard at work during June to make the repairs, treat the wood, and monitor its condition. Professional equipment cleaning professions were then brought in to ensure that all equipment within the center was cleaned and safe for operation. As of June 23rd, the center has been cleared for use again by students (starting September 2021) and staff. The fitness facilities are reserved for college students, staff, and faculty only, and memberships are not available for the general public to ensure that students have a private, safe, and welcoming environment where they can meet their physical health needs. 

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