Winter Term Update

St. Peter's College classes will begin the week of Monday, January 10th. Please see below for more details.

As a precautionary measure to ensure the health and safety of all our campus community, St. Peter’s College is making the following adjustments to the return for the Winter Term:

  1. All classes will start the week of Monday January 10th. There will be no classes starting January 5th-9th. This delayed start reflects our commitment to keep our academic calendar aligned with the University of Saskatchewan.

  2. We expect that starting Monday January 10th, all St. Peter’s College classes will resume in-person at the College. All COVID protocols and safety measures are still in place and are expected to be followed. Masking and distancing will be maintained until further notice. A copy of the SPC COVID Handbook can be found on the College website. Conditions for a safe return to the classrooms are being evaluated by the College Administration, and any further updates will be sent out as they become necessary. Please watch your email, and check our website regularly to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

  3. Residence students – please exercise appropriate caution and concern for others as you move back into your rooms. Social distancing and masking must be maintained in the days back as a caution for reducing transmission of any illness.

  4. We do not expect this delayed start to impact the end-of-term exam period. Classes will now end Friday April 8th. A new printed class schedule will be made available at the front office, and posted on the College website. The April final exam schedule will be made available in late February as usual.

We appreciate that this is short notice, and that the delay in the start of term may be seen as inconvenient by some, but we have been monitoring the conditions within the Province closely day-by-day in hopes that all changing conditions could be factored into the decisions made.  

Remember, if you are feeling unwell, have any symptoms of COVID or have tested positive, you should call our student services officers as early as possible to work out a support system for you until you can safely return to the College. If you have any questions about the new changes, please contact College administration at 306.682.7888 at your convenience. We encourage you to continue monitoring your email for updates from St. Peter’s College or your faculty.

We hope you had a relaxing, and refreshing, Christmas Season break. While we look forward to the return to the classroom, we appreciate your support and positive spirits to make it safe and effective for all. See you next week.

SPC Administration

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