This week's scholarship showcase is the St. Peter's College Indigenous Achievement Award valued at full tuition for up to 24 credit units each (x3; approximately $5,300 each). This award is intended to recognize the achievements of are awarded to incoming first-year students of Indigenous, First Nations, Metis, or Inuit descent attending St. Peter’s College.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must be a first-year, full-time St. Peter's College. 

  • Req 1 Proof of Indigenous Ancestry (status Indian, non-status Indian, Métis or Inuit)
  • Req 2 Written statement (up to one-page) on future plans and how the recipient hopes to contribute to their community
  • Req 3 Demonstration of financial need

The Fall 2020 recipient was Quinn Brown. Quinn is studying Environmental Biology in his first year at St. Peter's College. 


St. Peter's College does scholarships differently. Students starting their USASK degree at St. Peter’s College are eligible to keep their USASK scholarships while also being awarded SPC scholarships. In fact, that's part of why St. Peter’s College have high rates of academic success: they receive additional funding to ensure they can afford university and succeed.

St. Peter's College scholarships close on June 20th to allow students the time to properly apply for the fantastic opportunities our donors provide. In 2019-2020, St. Peter's College awarded an average of $1,800 in scholarships, bursaries, and funding per applicant.